The 263-room Novotel hotel at Auckland’s International Airport had a fixed deadline – to be ready to host the thousands of international fans coming to the 2011 Rugby World Cup. Originally designed as a concrete framed structure with pre-cast floors, the plans changed as the deadline loomed closer.

The project redesign saw a switch to a steel-framed structure, complete with ComFlor composite steel decking mid-floors. The result was a significant shortening of the construction program to easily meet the opening date.

Performance: A total 13,400sqm of ComFlor 60, ComFlor 80 and ComFlor 210 was installed in the 12-level hotel. ComFlor provided advantages in seismic, gravity and foundation design – as well as satisfying the all-important acoustics requirements. Fast turnaround: ComFlor’s short lead times for manufacture and installation were a key factor in keeping this project ahead of its critical timelines. Great teamwork between ComFlor Building Systems and our approved installer, Composite Floor Decks Ltd, saw us named ‘number one contractor’ by Hawkins Construction’s project manager.

Cost efficient: The steel-frame and ComFlor solution delivered significant savings over the original pre-cast concrete option, and enhanced the financial viability of the project. The shorter construction schedule also resulted in minimal crane hire and other on-site cost savings.

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