It’s time to make a colour connection.

While it may seem like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year, colour experts are already predicting our palettes for 2017 and 2018. The new The Range 2018 fashion colours fandeck brings together the latest of these on trend colours, with perennial favourites and the Resene bestseller whites and neutrals.

Not so many years ago, there were just a handful of paint colours to choose from. We were used to seeing life in just a few shades of colour, each quite distinctive.

As tinting technology has developed, we have been blessed with a growing rainbow of choice. Our eyes have learnt to appreciate subtle nuances that we would once have simply glossed over. What once was off-white, may now be beige, greige, cream or chalk. Colours are deeper and complex, layered with subtle undertones. Dusky tones develop as multiple colourways and weathered undertones merge. As our knowledge of colour grows, so too does our confidence to use and experiment with the subtleties and power of colour.

We’re also seeing an increase in colour blocking, either in similar shades or opposites, together.

Pops of colour are still here but they are not defined by the dimensions of the wall. Highlighting the unexpected is a growing trend drawing attention to specific features. Pops of colour extend over multiple surfaces and spaces, or are simply a splash or panel of colour in an otherwise neutral space.

See the latest colours in The Range 2018 fashion colours fandeck from Resene. Order online, www.resene.co.nz/specifierorder, or contact your local Resene representative.