GIB EzyBrace Update

GIB EzyBrace® Systems have been updated to offer improved design flexibility and further simplification.

The update includes:

1 – GIB EzyBrace® 2016 Design Software update

Improved user interface with simplified bracing design process and includes the new GIB® Bracing element GS2-NOM.

2 – New GIB® Bracing Element GS2-NOM

GS2- NOM allows internal walls lined with GIB® plasterboard on both sides and fastened off as per the standard fixing requirements of the current GIB® Site Guide to contribute to bracing resistance.

Key benefits of the GS2-NOM bracing element include:

  • Potential to reduce the amount of fasteners and GIB HandiBracs® required to be used*.
  • Encourages more even bracing distribution throughout the building.
  • Allows most homes to be braced with a single lining type.

* Actual savings dependent on building and bracing design.

3 – Update to openings in bracing elements and ceiling diaphragms

  • Large holes specification updated to use a more conservative methodology.
  • Guidance included for fireplace flues and range hoods.

Visit to download the latest GIB EzyBrace® design software, technical literature and CAD details.

Or call the GIB® Helpline on 0800 100 442 for technical assistance.