Vossen Green House Matamata

Award-winning residential builder, Peter Vossen, is the owner-builder of a beautiful, sustainable home in Matamata, known locally as the ‘Green House’. The dwelling is clad in Hinuera Natural Stone fixed to James Hardie RAB Board, resulting in a high spec, distinctive home that will stand the test of time.

Hinuera Natural Stone is a unique, natural volcanic stone quarried from the nearby Hinuera hills and is very labour intensive to install – taking three months on this 300m2 home. Vossen started building the home in August 2015 and completed the work in June 2016, ten months and two winters later. Therefore, weathertightness during construction was a major concern.

James Hardie RAB Board was specified for two main reasons; weathertightness and structural bracing – allowing a faster build and a higher quality finish.

During construction, RAB Board provided a temporary weather solution by ensuring complete weathertightness of the build. This enabled the internal lining to be completed early and the project to progress while the cladding was being installed – saving time and money.

RAB Board is a pre-sealed, cost effective rigid air barrier that provides excellent temporary weather protection before the final cladding is installed. It provides a drainage plane for cavity construction, allows vapour permeability, and resists moisture penetration.

Vossen says, “RAB Board was a good solution – it is lightweight, yet thicker for bracing, and meant I could carry on with internal work unimpeded.”


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