Fireshield and Resene Pine Ceiling

When you need an intumescent coating for timber – Fireshield has both clear, and pigmented systems to suit your project.

Fireshield was first imported into New Zealand for a project where a clear finish was required on a structure designed using prefabricated building systems, to shorten the build time and reduce construction costs.

In particular, this required resolution of issues surrounding fire resistance ratings of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). The passion to expose timber elements was threatened by the cost of coating it to achieve a group 1-S rating.

The solution? Pallets of Fireshield were flown in and used to coat almost every surface in the building, in order to achieve design and construction objectives, and a group 1-S construction system.

Fireshield products are now available exclusively through Resene – providing a nationwide network of technical support to assist with projects across the country, where a premium timber intumescent finish is required.

Choose from the Fireshield 1FR (clear) or Fireshield 2FR (pigmented) system, both best applied in a single spray coat.

Fireshield 1FR must be topcoated with 1FR TOPcoat to protect it from moisture and wear, while Fireshield 2FR may be topcoated with Resene SpaceCote in your choice of Resene colours.

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