Jared James Jackson FABPRO Outdoor Shower

FABPRO Outdoor Furniture Range by Jared James Jackson – coming soon

Jared James Jackson FABPRO Outdoor Shower
FABPRO Outdoor Shower

Jared James Jackson is bringing an innovative approach to business with his new venture FABPRO – drawing on 25 years of experience at Allproof Industries.

FABPRO provides bespoke stainless steel products and fabrication services, predominantly to the plumbing sector. However, maintaining an open mind to business is creating opportunities outside Jared’s previous field of commercial drain manufacturing.

“I want to provide the market with a consistent aesthetic approach to solutions including items that have not normally been in my scope. I have always been part of the process on projects around drainage aspects on podium areas, for example.”

Building from the ground up has allowed Jared to remain nimble and responsive to demand, including interior furniture aimed at commercial environments, such as hotels and resorts.

In September, Jared was brought into produce a collection of furniture for the launch evening of the new VW Tiguan, at Tristram European. This provided a good focus and timeframe to explore new ideas.

Stemming from a keen interest in furniture design, FABPRO will soon be presenting an Outdoor Furniture Range to complement their stainless steel Outdoor Showers, Drinking Fountains, and Channels.

“It seemed I may be able to add value by offering other items in the same area, with an understanding of what is being sought by the design team and client. For example, a podium drain and a bench seat in the same vicinity.”

Jared has recently opened a workshop for bespoke products at 6B Honan Pl, Avondale (off Rosebank), and invites tradespeople and designers to drop in to discuss ideas or projects.

Jared James Jackson Sahara Club Chair
Sahara Club Chair


Visit: www.jaredjamesjackson.com

Feel free to contact Jared: jj@fabpronz.com | (021) 022 00251 


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