GoShift online consent system

Trial Begins For New GoShift Online Building Consent Application Service

GoShift logo online consent system

Eight councils are now trialing a new online service for building consent applications. The councils are part of GoShift – an initiative involving more than 20 councils from Western Bay of Plenty to Nelson which aims to make the building consents process simpler and faster.

Most of the councils are already using the new standardised building consent application forms, and the initiative’s next stage involves implementation of the online service. The online service will allow applicants to submit their building consent applications via an online portal.

Making applications with GoShift’s online service will be quicker and easier for customers with a single point for application submissions. It also means that customers will be able to easily track the progress of their application and see when more information is needed.

The service will be available to all GoShift council customers from mid-2017.

The new online service is being provided by GoCouncil – a partnership between Master Business Systems (MBS) the developers of GoGet software suite, and Nuwave Technologies. MBS has more than 20 years of experience working with council building departments.

In the future, processing and inspection checklists will also be standardised and there will be a single, best practice quality management system.

Find out more at www.goshift.co.nz

GoShift online consent system

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