GIB Cove Mt Eden

Curated by New Zealand architects. Recommended by designers. Versatile for builders. Winstone Wallboards Ltd has launched a new range of GIB-Cove®, featuring styles carefully curated by New Zealand architects to inject more personality into designed spaces.

With five profiles – including the new unique additions, Mezzo, Tenor and Basso – the range offers a variety of aesthetics that work with all personalities, from the spontaneous entertainer to the practical analytic.

The sleek architectural lines featured throughout the range complements modern interior design perfectly, while creating a striking aesthetic that can be integrated seamlessly into any look.

Beautiful in form and function, GIB-Cove® provides a stylish and cost-effective way to cover gaps at wall and ceiling junctions. It also creates a stable system that minimises the chance of joints cracking, adding value to the structure.

When it comes to installation, GIB-Cove® is a breeze to work with. It integrates well with GIB® plasterboard and can be easily mitred and painted.

The latest GIB-Cove® styles are constructed using quality materials, and come with the confidence of knowing they’re from a trusted New Zealand brand.

GIB-Cove® is all about design that works for the individual. See the new range brought to life for different personalities and get inspiration for your next project here, or call (0800) 100 442 to request a sample.