Airbus Bionic Partition

Combining Human Intuition & Artificial Intelligence – The Bionic Partition

Airbus Bionic Partition

Next week, Productspec presents the fifth free Paradigm Shift, and is very proud to host international keynote speaker, Danil Nagy – Lead Designer & Senior Research Scientist at The Living Group within Autodesk Research. Danil will be discussing a new paradigm for sustainable architecture, and sharing inspiring projects, including The Bionic Partiton.

The Bionic Partition is a design concept for a new component for the Airbus A320 aircraft developed in collaboration with Airbus, Autodesk, and AP Works. The goal of the project was to redesign the interior partition component of the aircraft such that it performs equally well to the existing partition, but weighs 50% less.

Weight reduction is a critical focus of the aircraft industry today, and will be the key to maintaining the environmental and economic sustainability of air travel into the future.

Airbus Bionic Partition

To achieve this difficult goal, the Bionic Partition leverages cutting-edge metal alloys developed at Airbus, new fabrication techniques in metal 3d printing, and new design software which can iterate through many design options, analyze each one for its performance, and ‘evolve’ better performing designs over time.

Airbus Bionic Partition

By combining human intuition with artificial intelligence, this novel generative design workflow can create much better and higher performing designs that would be possible through a traditional design process.

The Bionic Partition was unveiled at the Autodesk University annual conference in Las Vegas in 2015. It has been covered in Wired Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, was a finalist in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards and was the winner of a 2017 Architizer A+ Award for innovation in 3d printing.

Airbus Bionic Partition

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