Using dark paints and stains is generally not recommended when it comes to exterior timbers. Ultra violet rays and the associated heat can cause timbers to warp and twist – and for that reason dark colours are normally written out of timber producer’s warranties. However, Abodo offers a natural wood solution for both paint finish and semi-transparent finishes.

The thermal modification process used for Vulcan Cladding drives resins and extractives from wood – at temperatures of up to 230 degrees. The extremely high temperatures essentially fossilise the wood, increasing its stability and results in an aesthetically pleasing deep chocolate brown colouration.

Abodo’s Vulcan Cladding is therefore more suitable for darker colours than standard timber.

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Abodo Vulcan Cladding Bach

Dark Timber Cladding is Doable: the ‘100 Day Bach’ Project

From a barren lakeside section to a charming barn-style holiday home in just 100 days, kiwi couple Hamish and Anita Dodd have set a new benchmark on the standard of home that can be beautifully crafted on shoestring budget and an ambitious timeframe. Not only that, they’ve proven that dark is definitely doable, choosing Vulcan Cladding finished in Ebony Protector Oil.

Abodo timbers are crafted to be enjoyed for years to come and the Vulcan timber cladding has handled the heat of Taupo’s hot summer remarkably well. Owner Hamish Dodd says “It handled the summer no dramas at all. Because it was black everyone has asked me. But there’s not even a single crack”.  

It’s clear that Hamish is as excited about the process and finished results of the rustic holiday home as he was setting the insanely short timeframe for building it. “There are lots of things I enjoyed about the build, cladding being one of them. Finding something that was going to be different in the process. With something simple like this, because it really is just a rectangular box, we really needed a good-looking cladding of a certain caliber on the outside. Something that could match the home’s whole look”.

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Abodo is now on Smartspec

Abodo is excited to now be listed on Smartspec, with specification sections available for the full range of cladding, decking and structural timbers.