Polyflor Bloc PUR

New Flooring on the Bloc – Polyflor Bloc PUR

Polyflor Bloc PUR

The perception of colour is a very personal experience. It is associated with moods and feelings and the belief it can improve mental well-being through the creation of a positive ambience.

At home and in the workplace, colour choice can bring together all elements of a creative interior design scheme, providing either a subtle backdrop or the opportunity to create a bold modern statement.

Polyflor’s new Bloc PUR gives you that extensive choice to create tonal, complementary or harmonious interior design schemes through a single solid colour sheet flooring.

Polyflor Bloc PUR

Featuring a fully pigmented homogeneous PVC wear layer of pure colour with a textured emboss, Bloc PUR is a high performance, heavy duty sheet floorcovering ideally suited for use within the retail, leisure and commercial sectors.

Available in a broad spectrum of 16 enticing colours, the Polyflor Bloc PUR range features a 2.0mm gauge with a fully pigmented 0.7mm homogenous wear layer of pure colour. Choose from a range of bright, vibrant shades, or a range of shades inspired by nature, including earthy beiges and greens, or light neutrals and pastels.

Polyflor Bloc PUR

Contact Polyflor at sales@polyflor.co.nz or call 0800 765 935.

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