Ulti Group Sectional Door

Ulti Group Industrial Sectional Doors are the perfect solution for your dock doorway

Ulti Group Sectional Door

Working on an industrial project that requires doors that are durable, safe, secure and insulated? Ulti Group Insulated Sectional Doors are a great solution for any dock loading area doorway.

Using an insulated sectional panel design which rises overhead or via various track configuration options, these doors provide excellent thermal, hygiene and acoustic control – the perfect solution for any dock doorway.

With an R Value of 4.8, thermal resistance couldn’t be better. This ensures a maximum amount of energy savings for the facility these doors are installed in, ensuring minimal ice build-up and heat transfer which causes increased electricity expenses and Health & Safety issues.

Ulti Group Sectional Doors

The motors used to operate these doors monitor and detect potentially unsafe door malfunctions that could lead to catastrophic consequences, and automatically stops working until the component is fixed.

The range of track configurations allows these doors to be installed in nearly any application, if you have the challenge of a low ceiling or pipes and services being in a difficult place.

Ensure client peace of mind and install Ulti Group Insulated Sectional Doors in the next dock loading area you and your team design.

Click here for more information on Ulti Group’s Insulated Sectional Doors

Ulti Group Sectional Doors

Contact Ulti Group:

105 Glover Road, Hawera, 4610
T (0800) 807 753
W www.ultigroup.co.nz

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