Jointing tapes are a key component in GIB® Systems, providing crucial joint strength between plasterboard sheets. Therefore, in order to achieve the desired performance – selection of the appropriate tape is absolutely crucial. GIB RocTape® achieves superior mechanical strength.

Paper joint tape has long been the traditional solution for plasterboard joint reinforcing. As an alternative, fibreglass joint tapes are also available, but it’s important to be aware that not all fibreglass joint tapes are created equal. 

Winstone Wallboards distinguish between two distinct categories of fibreglass joint tapes: matt, and square mesh woven fibreglass.  

A matt fibreglass joint tape will provide a greater level of mechanical strength in all directions due to the randomly orientated fibres. However, a square mesh woven fibreglass joint tape (which could be pre-glued) will have relatively limited strength both vertical and horizontal directions.

Therefore, Winstone Wallboards does not recommend the use of square mesh woven or self-adhesive fibreglass joint tapes, and this is supported by AS/NZS 2589-2017.

GIB RocTape®

GIB RocTape® achieves superior mechanical strength for flat-joint applications:

  • GIB® jointing compounds can permeate through the GIB RocTape® matt, not only creating a very strong joint, but potentially also saving time and money due to less risk of cosmetic defects, and fewer call backs
  • This permeability also reduces adhesion failure by eliminating inadequate compound application under the tape
  • Joints reinforced with GIB RocTape® dry faster and do not swell or shrink due to water absorption
  • GIB RocTape® is bedded in similar to GIB® Paper joint tape, and can be installed using hand tools or mechanical tools

GIB® tape selection guidelines:

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