Te Wharehou by Techlam

Te Wharehou – An exemplar for timber construction

On the shores of Lake Waikaremoana sits an exemplar for timber construction, Te Wharehou – home to the Waikaremoana Tribal Authority.

Commissioned by the Tribal Authority, work began in 2015, led by head contractors Arrow International, who delivered a fantastic result.

The large-scale use of timber combined with the curved wall and mono pitched raked curved roof contour gives this building a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Te Wharehou by Techlam

Main portal frame roof structures were prefabricated and stained at the Techlam factory before delivery to site for assembly. This process guaranteed an efficient and cost effective building process for the client.

Glulam products bring significant benefits to large-scale projects such as this one – projects that demand the highest quality consistently.

Compared with other materials commonly used in construction such as concrete and steel, the manufacture of glulam timber also uses less energy, resulting in a significantly smaller environmental footprint.

Te Wharehou by Techlam

To find out more about Techlam products and case studies, visit their website: www.techlam.nz.

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