Doors in public buildings are often large, and subjected to high traffic volumes. For those that may lack the strength to open a bulky commercial door manually, heavy doors can present a particular challenge, not to mention a range of other safety factors including wind loads, and fire protection.

Therefore for public buildings such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens and aged care facilities, a strong and reliable electromotive door is essential.

Allegion has announced the addition of the new ECO Schulte ETS 73 to their range – a powerful electromotive door closer, specifically tailored to all of these challenges.

ECO Schulte ETSIts electric motor drive unit is particularly powerful, allowing the almost silent opening and closing of doors weighing up to 250 kilograms, and 1.6 metres wide. Courtesy of motorised wind load regulation the ETS 73 can also carry these loads smoothly in winds up to Gale Force 9.  

When an entrance is being used less frequently, Low Power Mode enables the ETS 73 to be flexible. In Full Power Mode, the door opens automatically with the help of a sensor which permanently monitors movement in the area. When automation is not required, Low Power Mode disables the sensor, enhancing the unit’s energy efficiency.   

Fire safety is paramount in public and commercial buildings. For inhabitants’ safety, they must be able to leave the building easily and quickly. Doors should also close when necessary in order to prevent the further spread of fire.

ECO Schulte ETS

With the ETS 64-R variant ECO Schulte have designed a closer specifically for the requirements of fire and smoke protection doors. When fire breaks out the ETS 64-R unit’s sensor detects it and ensures the door is safely closed. With the inverse function the door closer allows smoke to be extracted from the building. Both functions are pre-installed in the ETS 64-R and can easily be programmed at any time.

To ensure that assembly and service companies don’t need an external control module or laptop to programme each device, all of the unit’s parameters can be adjusted quickly and easily via the device’s LCD menu.


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