Stylish bathroom renovation creates significant impact.

Renovating a dated bathroom can feel intimidating, but it needn’t be! Here are 7 handy solutions that were implemented in order to update the original bathroom design.



and after….


1 – The walls were tiled from top to bottom in a luxurious herringbone pattern, which instantly elevates the feeling in the bathroom. The bright white gives a sense of space as well as feeling fresh & clean, which is very important for the bathroom!

2 – The original tile flooring was replaced with large dark floor tiles which provides a beautiful contrast to the walls and ensures that the bathroom feels less cramped (less grout lines = less busy!)

3 – The old square mirror was swapped for a round mirror to soften all the straight lines + square edges. The mirror is complemented with soft lighting to enhance the bathroom atmosphere.

4 – The vanity has been replaced with a wall mounted unit, which balances the room visually. Lifting the vanity off of the ground helps create an illusion of having a larger space than there really is.

5 – The bath was also replaced with a freestanding option, which adds to the luxurious feel of the bathroom. Again, this ensures the bathroom feels much bigger than it really is.

6 – Beautiful contrasting tapware was chosen to give the bathroom that extra wow factor, with the Eclipse Black & Chrome range from Voda Plumbingware.

7 – Last but not least, an indoor plant was added to enhance the fresh feel and provide another layer of interest in the room.

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