Tapware designs have traditionally been dominated by chrome and stainless, but the emergence of alternative finishes is having a significant impact in interior design. Designers and homeowners now have more options to choose from to complement their kitchen or bathroom.

Bold, coloured statements continue to be the most notable tapware trend of the year, allowing homeowners and designers to introduce a unique sense of style into their kitchen or bathroom.

Why use coloured tapware?

  • With such a wide range of stylish, bold and beautiful designs available – it’s now easier than ever to personalise your space and create the perfect statement
  • Black and white tapware combined with contrasting chrome accents are ideal for creating a modern industrial look, that is more popular than ever before

  • If a smart, sophisticated style is desired – then pairing your coloured tapware with marble or granite can give your kitchen or bathroom a timeless yet stylish character
  • Positioning your coloured tapware against a contrasting background will accentuate the colours, creating a look that is both elegant and cohesive
  • Steel benchtops? Woodgrain? Granite? No matter the style of your bathroom or kitchen, there is a coloured tapware theme that will suit your space.

The team at Voda Plumbingware have an extensive range of tapware styles and designs available. Their passion for combining international design trends with New Zealand interiors keeps them at the forefront of interior design.

Available at Voda – the Eclipse range of tapware is the perfect combination of bold design, stylish form, and functional excellence. Eclipse offers the timeless look of softened edges with a contemporary edge and provides endless options for personalising your project.

Eclipse continues its versatility by providing black, white, chrome, and combinations of all three. The range also features quality European ceramic cartridges that are suitable for all water pressures.

For more information visit vodaplumbingware.co.nz