If energy-efficiency and a more comfortable living environment are important for your next project, you need to be sure the window and door solution you choose can deliver the goods. It could be one of the most important design decisions you make.

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Developed by BRANZ, in conjunction with the Window Association of New Zealand, the Window Energy Efficiency Rating System (WEERS) provides a rating system for assessing the thermal performance of new residential windows.

Only Fairview Windows & Doors provide instant R-value and WEERS star ratings on every unit (and for the whole houselot) with every quote, every time. Comparisons across different product options are also possible at the push of a button.

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The thermal performance of windows and doors (measured as an R-value) is the thermal resistance of the entire system – not just the glass. The higher the R-value of your windows and doors, the less heat is lost through the system, and the better the insulation will be. The Window Energy Efficiency Rating System gives a further BRANZ-verified star rating.

The combination of R-value and WEERS star rating delivers a more complete view of the thermal performance of the window and door solution.

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