Sioo:x is a premium wood surface protection that results in durable, low maintenance, beautiful timber surfaces. This unrivaled long-lasting protection keeps the wood healthy and creates an attractive, easy-care surface. With Sioo:x, you can achieve a long-term weathered look without leaving your wood unprotected.Waimarama Surf Tower with Abodo Vulcan ScreeningThe protective properties of Sioo:x are impressive – lasting up to ten years for cladding, i.e. up to four times the lifespan of current coatings.  

Sioo:x is inspired by how nature protects itself using its own natural technology. It uses nature to form a hard silicon based shell on exterior timber, which weathers to a beautiful silver-grey patina. This means wood surfaces will not only become more attractive over time – they’ll resist wear, wind and weather in even the most demanding conditions.

Importantly, Sioo:x is totally biocide and emission-free.

Sioo:x is a three coat system, which can be factory applied. The first two coats are a water-soluble alkaline silicate that penetrate the timber, forming insoluble silica particles inside the wood. The final coat is a water-based silane emulsion that forms a flexible, water-repellent silica network inside the surface layers. 

Sioo:x is available with Abodo Vulcan and Tundra Cladding.

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