The latest release from Escea, the Truly Frameless DS1400 gas fireplace, offers design flexibility, exceptional heating efficiency, and automation technology so you can walk into warmth.

Subtle and sophisticated – the DS1400 takes a minimalist approach to fireplace design; placing more emphasis on the flame, and simply complementing the room. Escea has completely dispensed with the fascia, and all fasteners are discreet in order to achieve cohesion between wall and glass.

Escea DS1400 Soggiorno

The large glass viewing area and super slim fireplace make a big impact whilst inhabiting only a small footprint.

Combined with its low height and Flexible Flue & Powered Vent technology, the DS1400 offers design freedom rarely seen in fireplaces. It can be placed anywhere, with no walls required, and no compromise on your design.

For further design freedom, the DS1400 is available either single or double-sided, and offers Escea’s full range of fuel beds to achieve the firebox look of your choice.

Escea DS1400 Double Sided with logs

The DS1400’s 9.5 kW output heats the space effortlessly, and Escea’s Smart Heat app provides remote control of the fire, affording the luxury of always walking into warmth.

The Smart Heat app also enables dynamic control of heating by regularly scanning the room’s temperature, and automatically modifying settings to ensure energy efficiency.  

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