Since 1974, Hermpac have been firmly embedded in New Zealand building culture. For over forty years they’ve remained 100% Kiwi-owned, and they have always managed a consistent reputation for inspiration, strength, and a brand you can trust. But the brand name has fluctuated. Most will recall Herman Pacific and Hermpac; some may even remember Hermans.

Tightening up the brand name represents an effort to achieve consistency in the marketplace, and an opportunity to freshen up the image with a new logo.

new hermpac branding

Hermpac are excited to present their new look that is crisp, timeless and concise, while holding true to the their core values; including their company-wide commitment to quality. Another characteristic reflected in the new brand is pride in their commitment to shaping the building environment with their innovative products.   

Premium Timbers that don’t cost the earth

These words are a pledge to Hermpac’s clients, team, and the wider New Zealand building industry that the company is serious about environmental issues. The statement and the green Hermpac logo represent a bold commitment to environmentally responsible actions including sourcing timber from legal, well maintained forests.

The Hermpac brand has been rejuvenated at every touchpoint. However, how the company works with its clients is unchanged. You can expect the same high level of service and dedication to your business goals.

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New Hermpac logo