Exterior shutter systems are an increasingly popular feature on commercial and residential projects due to their ability to moderate the effect of weather on a building. However, they also offer many other benefits; creating an attractive proposition for developers and apartment dwellers.

The benefits inherent in these shutter systems are particularly significant in a country like New Zealand, which regularly experience changeable and often extreme weather. During the summer months, exterior shutter systems ensure that indoor areas are shielded from harsh, direct sunlight; and during winter they can mitigate heat lost through large windows.

Allegion Brio Cheshire St Parnell

An effective shutter system can create a more economical building, by minimising reliance on conditioning and heating to maintain a comfortable interior, and saving energy.

Aesthetically, shutters can enhance the visual interest of a building; creating character, increasing desirability, and improving the visual appeal of the area. They are great option for apartment owners who want to avoid inhabitants’ personal items being visible from the street, whilst creating privacy for those inside the building.    

Allegion Brio Cheshire St Parnell

A lesson learned from earlier periods of building activity in New Zealand, is the importance of designing and building apartments to enhance views of city skylines and landscapes. From a compliance perspective, this has led to local Councils looking favourably on designs that include shutter systems.


OneThree Cheshire featuring the versatile Brio Weatherfold 4S

The new OneThree Cheshire building in Parnell demonstrates a beautifully executed exterior shutter system.

The shutters were designed, manufactured and installed by Insol – a New Zealand-based company specialising in louvre systems and bespoke architectural façade treatments. The Architect engaged Insol to provide a shutter solution, who in turn approached Brio to find a sliding and folding system suitable for fixing shutters to the building.

Allegion Brio Cheshire St Parnell

Brio’s stainless steel Weatherfold 4S system was selected not only for its ability to allow the shutters to slide and fold, but its capacity to support panels weighing up to 150kg.

If required, the system can comfortably provide openings of up to 4 metres high and 19.6 metres wide, and it is compatible with almost any flat panel system, including shutter systems.

In addition, Weatherfold 4S can be paired with a Brio insect screen system, is highly corrosion resistant, and has been extensively tested to ensure its durability. It is a complete system which includes pivot sets, hanger sets, hinge sets, top tracks, bottom channels, seals, and locking/flush bolt options.

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