Aquatic Centres like the new Liz van Welie Swim School in Tauranga create all kinds of demands on wall and ceiling linings.

The Liz van Welie Aquatic Centre is a new private swimming facility which recently opened in Pyes Pa, Tauranga. As home to the Liz van Welie Swim School, the centre hosts a range of swimming programmes for people of all ages.

To handle the rigours of over 3,500 visitors a week, CANAM Construction BOP Ltd and client Greg Cummings were looking for a robust, moisture resistant material for the walls and ceilings of the centre.

“Being an aquatic centre, the brief was for the building to be operated around 28ºC and up to 70% humidity within the internal environment,” explains Phillip Bond, Associate at Jasmax. “The interior wall linings needed to be impact and scratch resistant, and have high resistance to moisture and mould. USG Boral Fiberock® Aqua-Tough™ was perfectly suited for that purpose.”

Fiberock Aqua-Tough wall and ceiling linings were installed in wet and humid areas throughout the main pool hall. The gypsum based interior panels provide superior resistance to impact, moisture, mould and fire, and do not delaminate when wet — making them ideal for wet areas. Fiberock Aqua-Tough also provided a flush finish to the interior, raising the quality of finish.

“We liked Fiberock Aqua-Tough because it was quick and easy to install and it was also much more cost-effective than fibre cement sheet or other pre-finished alternatives,” says Bond. “It was readily available, it had high impact and moisture resistance and was backed up with a good warranty. It also met council requirements and satisfied them with warranties and performance of the product as well,” adds Bond.

To provide additional protection, the construction team back primed the bottom edges of the sheets and also installed aluminium skirting to the bottom edges. This ensured that the linings were compliant, and resilient enough to withstand long-term wear and maintenance at the bustling centre.

“As clients, Liz and I are extremely pleased with the finished result,” says Greg Cummings, Director of Liz van Welie Aquatics. “Every day we see sticky hand prints, the walls being knocked, kicked and splashed and it handles it all.”

“Liz van Welie Aquatics is a stand out building,” adds Cummings. “USG Boral have played a major part in both the look and functionality of the building. We highly recommend it.”

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 Liz van Welie Aquatic Centre

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