Home automation allows unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience to be attained. This six-unit development in Victoria demonstrates how the latest solutions can help create a home where technology works seamlessly with its occupants.


Taste for technology

When owner of Mansion Builders, David Lang, began the design work to develop six units in Victoria, his goal was to create smart, modern and tasteful homes that were eye- catching, practical, user-friendly and energy-efficient. He is a firm believer of taking advantage of the opportunities made possible by the latest product development, but instinctively understands that technology should not be used for its own sake.

Appropriate automation

MyHOME automation has the ability to effortlessly and efficiently control lighting, heating, cooling, security and window dressings, as well as monitoring energy and water consumption throughout a property. However, with such a comprehensively capable system, the challenge for a developer is to decide which features are appropriate to include in a project and which to leave out.

As part of the MyHOME solution selected for this project, a 10-inch touchscreen provides the main user interface in each of the units’ main living area. This facilitates central control of the lighting throughout the house, plus the ability to monitor the power used by the energy-efficient LED lighting. For added convenience, an additional 3.5-inch touchscreen provides full control of the system from each unit’s master bedroom. Alongside the MyHOME platform, Lang installed Legrand Harmony boxes to distribute telephone, data and TV sockets throughout each home.

Legrand MyHOME home automation

Setting the scene

One of the most popular aspects of MyHOME automation is the ability to create a library of lighting ‘scenes’. For example, at the simple press of a button, it is possible to select an ‘Entertainment’ scene or a ‘TV’ scene in which the lighting levels are dimmed to optimal levels to create the perfect ambience for the planned activity. The ‘scene’ feature can similarly be utilised to create a ‘Welcome Home’ scene— illuminating a pathway to the kitchen, for instance—and this can even be activated automatically through the use of sensors.

Equally, ‘Morning Wake Up’ and ‘Goodnight’ scenes can be set to gradually dim lights up or down at the beginning and end of the day, while the security conscious will enjoy programming automatic switching/dimming of the lighting to make the house look occupied when it is not. The units also have sensors to control the outside lights, which detect the presence of a person but only activate after dark.

An exciting feature that takes security to the next level is the ability for occupants to control the lighting remotely via an app on their smart devices. Compatible with both Android and IOS, this allows residents to adjust lighting remotely when not actually at home.

Legrand MyHOME home automation

Future flexibility

Lang is extremely happy with the outcome of the project. He has enjoyed the journey in transforming two tired, weatherboard houses into six stunning, state-of-the-art, modern townhouses, and is full of praise for the support he received from the Legrand team from design inception through to completion. The Legrand solutions chosen for the development has helped Lang match his vision with reality: MyHOME delivers a level of sophistication that is perfectly complemented by the chic style of the Legrand Arteor wall plates used throughout.

As home automation is becoming more widely understood and accepted, it is inevitable that the market will see an increasing use of such systems. Legrand’s MyHOME provides an infrastructure backbone that allows the system to be programmed to meet the exact current requirements of the occupants, and easily reprogrammed or augmented to meet changing needs over time, as families grow or when the house is sold, for example.

It truly can be considered an investment into the longevity of a property: it delivers inherent energy efficiency and unprecedented levels of flexibility, thereby providing an assured way to future-proof your home.

Legrand MyHOME home automation

Products used in the project:

  • MyHOME automation including 10″  and 3.5″ touchscreens
  • Bticino Sfera intercom
  • Arteor wall plates and switches
  • Life wall plates and switches
  • Legrand Excel
  • Legrand group metering enclosure
  • Legrand surge protection
  • HPM daylight switch
  • HPM bathroom LED ducted instant heat lights
  • HPM exhaust fans

For more information:

W: www.legrand.co.nz
P: 0800 476 009
E: projects@legrand.co.nz

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