“Quite simply, the industry standard, honey comb Hollow Core door doesn’t cut it”

Superior Doors wanted to manufacture a lightweight, stronger, flatter door with increased durability that could match the price of Australian imported products.

After months of research and vigorous product testing and development, an incomparable solution was found.

Manufactured in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions, complete with a BRANZ appraisal and a 10 year guarantee, Superior Doors are confident their doors will outlast and outperform any competing Hollow Core doors in the market.
Superior Doors Ribcore

Product benefits:

  • 30% more timber for increased rigidity and strength
  • Up to 10x more glue adhesion between core materials and MDF for minimal chance of surface delamination
  • Thicker for enhanced quality and stability
  • Pine lock blocks increase the paint quality of the finish product
  • Enhanced thermal insulation for a warmer and more comfortable home


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