As Steve Jobs famously said, “People don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” Though the exact application of that statement is debatable, it reveals a principle that augmented reality can help you to exploit. The appeal of the eyes.

Augmented Reality (AR) does just that. It allows users to interact with virtual objects that are placed on top of the real world – normally through their smartphone camera. It’s that fundamental shift that is putting AR in the cross hairs of so many of the world’s businesses both large and small.

For us in the business of helping people see your vision of what their home could look like inside and out with your help and knowledge, allowing customers to see what their context, whether that is a home or office will look like after the project is completed is dramatically changing conversations with clients and how consumers are making purchases. Would it make the decision conversation easier to walk around putting virtual products in their place?

The likes of Ikea and Amazon are already using it to help their customers choose the right product for their homes. And with 1.8 billion devices being activated with the technology by the end of the year, it the time to fully harness the power to help customers and you can too.

Brands such a Insinkerator, La Marzocco and Marley are using Plattar’s Augmented Reality product visualisation tool, to give their customer this same customer experience. Plattar has enabled these and many more to bring their products to life and place them in their customer contexts, highlighted the features and benefits, reduced the need for samples and ultimately sold more. These brand are using Plattar because of the ease to get their own augmented reality app up and running with seeing some amazing outcomes.

Global coffee machine retailer, La Marzocco launched their new home product range at a international conference in Milan with the help of ARKit and Plattar.



Insinkerator also released their new Italian inspired, tap range multiap and an Augmented Reality app companion was perfect for their aritchures and customers to see when designing their kitchens.



KFive produces and sources the world’s best furniture designs for their clients and now with their own Augmented Reality app are helping them design their environment before purchase.



Another one of their clients Escape to Paradise increased their sales by over 300% by allowing her customer the Hilton Hotel – Fiji to virtually see what the products would look like in their context from the other side of the world. 



They also have a special offer for the Productspec community, sign up now to get your own branded AR sales tool by 15th March 2018 for $999 a saving of 50%! That gives you an Apple and Android app in your hands with AR.

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