Trends often reflect the times in which we live. When the world seems a mad, bad place or we feel sensory overload from our busy bright lives, we seek safe, nurturing spaces at home. Or if the world seems an exciting smorgasbord of new places to discover, we bring home the colours and flavours of our travels.

The trend towards saturated colours will lend itself to playful combinations reminiscent of Rococo Revival styling. Look to bright blue ottomans, fuchsia accent pillows and indigo drapes coexisting within the same funky living room.

There are some anticipated notable hues for the year, including amethyst and berry-infused purples (try Resene Couture), emerald, sapphire and turquoise (Resene Atlas, Resene Into The Blue and Resene Discover), satin gold (Resene Good As Gold), frosted almond and light beige green (Resene Thistle).

As we dream of travel and exotic, far-flung places, bright hues will appeal. Bright colours are influenced by travel, escapism and wanderlust. Rich, bold greens such as Resene Limerick lead us to escape into the trees, while bright, mesmerising oranges such as Resene Ruby Tuesday bring sunshine into our homes.

‘Millennial pink’ made a strong impression at 2017’s Milan Design Week (think Resene New York Pink) as did hot pink, orange and violet. Other colours mirrored our tech-centred culture. Silicon Valley-inspired tones like digital blues (dark watery blues), purples and warm yellows will add punches of colour to walls, and a collective yearn for natural tones will inspire earth browns as a favoured neutral.

Smoky tones will continue but with a softer, weathered edge, as seen in Resene Soothe and Resene Inside Back. Black will take a back seat. If we see an occasional black accent piece, it will likely achieve its contrast duty as a lone soldier.

Depths are also being pushed deeper with dark charcoals, moody blues and dense greens, creating intimate, cave-like environments. Blue is the new black from strong and clear through to blue black. Think Resene Paua, an electric violet blue, to Resene Dark Side, an inky midnight blue.

There will still be an earthiness with moody – not sombre – strong and exotic, and less predictable combinations.

Strong blues, yellows and pinks mixed in endless combinations will dominate youthful residences. Homes will likely feature these playful colours in full-scale rather than on accent walls or more timid applications.  Purple has been hiding in the sidelines and will come into its own.

In addition to prevalent solid colours, 2018 will continue to see the use of metallics and iridescent materials, especially gold. Expect to see it in paint colours (Resene Gold Dust, Resene Pirate Gold and Resene Good As Gold), fittings and accessories. Gold will commonly be paired with glass or darker woods.

Paint effects continue to thrive in new and exciting ways.  From half painted walls, tonal colour changes and dramatic geometrics, masking tape will be your new best friend. Colour will be seen in clever ways – layered, unexpected combinations, uplifting.

Team with whites and neutrals from the newly released The Range Whites & Neutrals fandeck.

See a snapshot of colour trends in the Habitat plus – decorating and colour trends.  View online,, or pick up a free copy at your local Resene ColorShop and selected Resene resellers.  

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