The all NEW TimberLab website has 60 years of photos, ideas and case studies PLUS a free interactive design tool.

Timber is a truly fascinating material to work with.  As beautiful to touch, as it is to view, it has a way of drawing people in like no other.  Across the decades we’ve crafted it into just about every shape and size that you could imagine – and probably a few that you never even thought possible.

So if you are looking for ideas and inspiration, examples, case studies or just some technical details and facts – head on over to the brand new TimberLab website.  We have a huge variety of projects, data sheets and resources available and if there is something we don’t have, we can point you in the direction of the best people who do.


Our proud portfolio showcases our talent for creating amazing engineered timber structures across the globe.  From places of worship to community hubs, sports arenas and modern office spaces.

From designer homes to artistic statements, industrial hubs, social meeting points and everything in between.  Our fascination with engineered timber over the last sixty years has given us a wealth of knowledge which we proudly share with all our customers big and small.
Get in touch and draw on all the experience of our past and let us help turn your project into a proud legacy.

Data and Fact Sheets

Our Data and Fact sheets are a wealth of comprehensive information covering industry data and standards as well as TimberLab standards and key learnings from our long history.  Set out and categorised into easy to reference topics, the information will aid in design, specification and provide specific detail on all products.

If there’s something you can’t find, give us a call and we will work things out together.

TimberLabs FREE Design Tool

Our Pine NZ design software program aids designers in choosing the appropriate products for a variety of situations where engineered timber may be required. It will provide section sizes and strength grades and provides a design certificate for council requirements. A quick one-off registration through our website link and you will be underway.  With the ability to customise the exact requirements of your project and save multiple projects in your personal database – the TimberLab design tool is a valuable asset for a quick and free design of engineered timber components.