After six months of searching, property developers Daniel and Kate found exactly what they were looking for; a 1900’s Villa with good bones on a flat section in a great location in Sandringham.

The Villa was looking its age yet was in a family-friendly street that had instant appeal to the parents of 5-year-old Kourtney and 18-month-old Justin. The initial plan was to simply add a 4m lean-to extension to the rear of the house but that soon changed. Daniel and Kate did a major on it. Half of the existing house was removed and what remained was completely gutted. They ended up keeping what they liked; the high ceilings and the central hallway, and redesigning the rest so that it fitted with the needs of modern family living.

To accommodate the extra space Daniel and Kate built a massive 7m x 9m extension to the rear of the house. And rather than having a traditional flat lean-to roof they opted to fabricate new trusses which enabled them to retain an A-frame style roof and generous 3.1m height ceilings.

All the rooms are meticulously finished and the styling is modern yet respects all the traditional features of the home. Perhaps you’d call it modern classic!

In keeping with tradition Daniel and Kate chose a dark grey and white exterior colour scheme. Colorsteel® Grey Friars roofing and matching Marley Typhoon® spouting and RP80® downpipes completed the picture stylishly.

“We went with Marley because of their wide range of styles and colours. We particularly liked the fact that Marley Typhoon gives you the option of internal brackets. They not only look great but also suit the character of the Villa.” said Daniel.

The couple are also early adopters of the innovative new rain harvesting product, Marley Twist®. It’s a compact rainwater diverter that turns your downpipe into a free source of water for watering the garden, topping up the pool, general cleaning or emergency use.

Twist® can be easily installed on existing or new uPVC downpipes and can quickly connect to a collection tank via any standard garden hose fitting. A simple “twist” on-off control lets you access rainwater from your downpipe as and when you need it. Twist® is designed to connect a single downpipe to a small collection tank of up to 1,000 litres, however, Daniel and Kate have opted for a handy 300L tank.

Even though Daniel and Kate have laboured for 8 months to build a wonderfully luxurious and almost completely new family home, they’re certainly not precious about it. The kids are free to use the long hallway as a racetrack on their bikes and roller skates and just be kids.

As Kate says: “It’s a family home and it’s to be lived in. Floors can be sanded, walls can be repainted. Good memories in a loving and warm home will last a lifetime.”

Marley Typhoon spouting
Marley RP80 80mm round downpipe
Marley Stratus Design Series