TimberLab Solutions Ltd, New Zealand’s most experienced engineered timber design/manufacturing company is known for its attention to detail, cost-competitive efficiencies, innovations and the use of the most appropriate materials in their stunning projects.

As TimberLab turns 60, our C.E.O. shares a few things he’s learnt from his time steering The Company from strength to strength: –

  • Always strive for the best quality and service
  • Tell the story of the beauty, warmth and sustainability of timber
  • Be at the forefront of technological advances
  • Value customer relationships
  • Value staff and treat them with respect
  • Honesty always – no matter what
  • Support and be loyal to those that serve you as your suppliers

TimberLab’s C.E.O. Grant McIntosh, has been involved in the business for 36 years and is the 3rd generation of his family to lead the Company which was founded by his grandfather.

Grant is committed to ensuring TimberLab manufactures high quality structural engineered timber products by utilising technology and innovative systems to build a trusted and continuing partnership with our clients, suppliers and staff so they are confident and proud to be working with TimberLab.