Hawthorne Group launched its operations in New Zealand seven years ago, led by a dynamic team who, between them, have over 50 years’ experience in the furniture industry.

In the past Hawthorne have mostly concentrated on industrial and classic furniture. Now they’re working a lot closer with interior designers and retailers, and evolving their ranges in line with what the market is asking for and can’t source locally. It’s an exciting new direction.


With New Zealanders on top of global trends and actively engaging in interior styling networks online, furniture suppliers and interior designers are finding themselves faced with requests for pieces to match a specific style more than ever before.

Globalisation has helped put a diverse range of interior design styles and products at hand, but with such an incredible variety it can still be hard to figure out what to purchase or how to put together a setting.



Hawthorne can help with everything from leather sofas and recycled elm dining tables, through to original and classic pieces sourced across Asia, all managed deftly through countless connections with overseas suppliers and manufacturers of quality furniture.



The aim at Hawthorne is to make it easier for New Zealanders to be able to purchase pieces in line with their stylistic intentions in New Zealand. Hawthorne have a network of resellers throughout the country and an ever-evolving collection of everything from antiques and classic pieces to contemporary, international and industrial furniture for the home.