Jagas Hydropavers deliver an exciting, environmentally sustainable solution, turning mountains of old porcelain tiles into a handsome, premium, highly permeable paver that absorbs and distributes water run-off in a wide range of civic, commercial and residential applications.

The manufacturing process sees old porcelain tiles crushed into fine particles, subjected to 1600 tonnes of pressure and then kiln-baked to 1200 C° in a process which is called “sintering”. This helps give the new paver a highly permeable structure, allowing it to both absorb water and also to distribute it very efficiently into the ground below. Hydropavers help satisfy modern planning requirements, which specify a certain minimal permeable area.

Hydropavers do not include glue, resin or cement, and waste products from the manufacturing process are used for another paving range. Their permeability is so high that they can distribute 3mm of water per minute, more than matching what falls in urban areas most prone to downpours. The paver itself acts as a significant reservoir, absorbing 11 litres per square metre, eliminating the need for retention tanks under driveways.

The product has a number of valuable additional benefits. With a cooler surface temperature than granite or concrete, the air pockets inside the paver act as a sound damper. Hydropavers are also durable, fade-resistant and colourfast, can be driven over, and will not stain.

The product is a particularly asset in Auckland, where the city’s unitary plan limits the amount of impermeable surface a property can have. Driveways, parking spaces and living areas all count as impermeable space. The permeability of the Hydropaver, however, effectively makes it possible for homeowners to plan for a larger dwelling.

Jagas Paving Ltd. is the licensed importer/distributor, with a team of installers ready to help.

Watch the Jagas Hydropaver video and visit the website to meet a good looking and environmentally sustainable 21st century paving solution!