Looking through the winners and finalists of the 2019 New Zealand Commercial Project Awards, it is both exciting and reassuring that the New Zealand construction industry is in good heart and is continuing to build outstanding, world-class buildings.

It has been a year of bad news for the construction industry, with announcements in the media of leaky hospitals and schools, deconstruction of earthquake damaged buildings in Wellington and the collapse of one large construction firm.

If one reads the newspaper, it’s easy to get the impression that our industry is in bad shape!

But if you read the list of outstanding buildings completed in 2018, the opposite is true, with incredible structural achievements, beautiful designs and delicate cultural and heritage projects.

The awards, run by the Registered Master Builders Association (RMBA) and are designed to set the benchmark for commercial construction in New Zealand, and celebrate collaboration and innovation across the sector.

“There has never been a better time to celebrate and reward the great work that is happening in the sector. We have heard a lot lately about the problems, and these awards provide an opportunity to recognise the many success,” says Registered Master Builders Chief Executive David Kelly.

“A common factor in the successful projects in our sector is strong collaboration. This requires building trusted partnerships with clients, and the lead and sub-contractors. The awards show what happens when we get this right, we build something great.

“These projects are more than just buildings, they are our homes, public buildings, workplaces and communities. Master Builders are proud to showcase the best of our built environment through these awards.”

To see the full list of award winners and to enter the 2019 awards, go here