Hometech’s New Website Helps both Homeowners and Specifiers build Better Spaces

With the strapline “Better spaces, better lives”, Hometech delivers a valuable solution to support families embarking on the home improvement journey, and makes the online experience a whole lot better into the bargain.

The company recently relaunched their website, which has been completely reimagined to make the specification of their wide range of products, simpler, more informative and well resourced.

For the consumer a “healthy home” quiz has been added, identifying key issues that cause concern for homeowners, including mould, dark and dingy rooms, household clutter and ineffective ventilation, which can lead to condensation and dampness.

Having completed the quiz, the website provides product solutions to help address these common household problems. The next stage is filling in a simple online form, allowing site users to explore the right product for their home by meeting with an installation consultant.

The site’s Resources section includes comprehensive technical information, ranging from product brochures to detailed installation instructions and technical sheets. Other material explores the benefits of natural light, which range from improved educational performance to significant energy cost savings. Daylight in the workplace has been shown to give people a significant lift, aiding employee recruitment and enhancing retention.

A website blog explores the importance of effective ventilation, the difference light can make to health, especially during winter, and simple tips and tricks to immediately reduce dampness at home.

A helpful feature in the lighting section is a slider, which allows the user to see how natural light can completely transform dark and uninviting rooms into appealing natural spaces.

The new Hometech experience is all about demystifying key topics for homeowners, providing potential solutions and recommending those who can help. “Meet Your Local Expert” introduces experienced people across New Zealand who comprise the local installer network and who have comprehensive product knowledge.

Visit www.hometech.co.nz to start out on the path to a light-filled, healthy home with less clutter and more room for you and the ones you love!