Set in one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, Jack’s Point Clubhouse now has a floor that matches the rugged beauty outside.

The transformation began in dramatic circumstances, after the Clubhouse was damaged by fire in late 2016. What had been a disaster was to prove an opportunity to reimagine the design and materials inside.

The original floor of the Clubhouse was a great showcase of decorative concrete that had been polished with an older technology system.  While sustaining some damage to its decorative surface, the floor remained in fairly good condition.

Megafloor reprocessed the floor in stages and the results far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Using the Megafloor High Street Premium System, 3-5mm of the original concrete laitance was removed to reveal the structure beneath. The floor was ground flat, leaving a mixture of heavy stone and fine aggregates that were then resin diamond polished to a high and dramatic lustre.

The technology delivers many benefits. Megafloor polished concrete makes for a cost effective solution because extra spending on carpets or tiles is unnecessary. The needs of owners and users are met with a range of different finishes, delivering unlimited design options and eye-catching results.

Polished concrete also contributes to a low maintenance, healthy building. Treated concrete flooring is quick and easy to care for and doesn’t require hazardous chemicals. Unlike wooden floors there is no need for stripping or waxing and the floor doesn’t trap dust, dirt, allergens, mildew and moisture the way other systems can.

The sustainability of concrete as a flooring solution is further enhanced by the possibility of using recycled concrete in the production of polished concrete floors. This reduces landfill waste, preserving resources for future generations and making polished concrete an environmentally friendly choice.


Jack’s Point Clubhouse now has a stunning floor whose natural beauty fits perfectly with its breathtaking surroundings. Learn more about how form, function and fashion align perfectly with a diamond-polished floor finish from Megafloor at