Palettone PUR is a homogeneous sheet vinyl flooring product created especially for contemporary interior design schemes in commercial, leisure, retail, education, healthcare and office projects.

With the new Palettone collection its designers have sought to offer customers their widest variety of vinyl flooring designs to date, and the 50 colours mean that a shade is available to complement every interior design scheme imaginable.

Palettone performs to a high standard, has excellent durability and is easy to maintain.

The 2 metre-wide sheet vinyl is efficient to lay and minimizes joins. The R10 slip resistance rating makes it a safer option, being suitable for areas that are predominantly dry but have occasional spillage. And its antistatic properties won’t set your hair on end, also meeting international flamespread and abrasion standards.

Applications are wide ranging; Palettone is rated A+ for use in commercial interiors, educational institutions, retail outlets and healthcare facilities.

The product’s polyurethane construction resists soiling and scuffing and allows the use of a polish-free regime, significantly reducing cleaning costs and chemical usage. When appearance and hygiene are essential, Palettone is the perfect solution.

Health benefits are an important reason for specifying the product. Being low in volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, Palettone helps ensure higher indoor air quality and is especially helpful for those suffering from asthma or allergies. It is also recommended for those living with dementia.

The product is environmentally friendly too, offering a sustainable floor covering solution. It is completely recyclable and is composed of 25% recycled material.

Polyflor’s website provides full technical information including product specifications, a colour chart and the ability to request product samples.

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