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Paint colour trends for 2018 and beyond


It’s time to make a colour connection.

While it may seem like only yesterday we were celebrating the New Year, colour experts are already predicting our palettes for 2017 and 2018. The new The Range 2018 fashion colours fandeck brings together the latest of these on trend colours, with perennial favourites and the Resene bestseller whites and neutrals.

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New, even tougher, wall paints


Resene is constantly working on improvements to its products and colour range, focusing on anything from durability and toughness to VOC and odour reduction. The latest changes to the Resene SpaceCote waterborne enamel family provide improved burnish resistance, improved scrub resistance and improved chemical resistance. The new Resene SpaceCote products are quite simply harder to damage and easier to clean.

These improvements have been achieved with a bespoke acrylic binder system with enhanced enamel cross-linking properties to provide better scrub and chemical resistance and a specialised polymeric extender package leading to improved burnish resistance.

Resene SpaceCote comes in two sheen levels – low sheen and flat. Resene SpaceCote Low Sheen is designed for use on interior walls throughout homes and buildings, including wet areas, while Resene SpaceCote Flat is designed for use on interior ceilings, including wet areas, and can also be used as a flat wall finish where a matt surface finish is desired. Both come in an extensive range of Resene colours and are Environmental Choice approved.

Resene SpaceCote is ideal for high and wear tear areas of a home or office for a seamless look throughout the interior area from dry areas through to wet areas. It also comes in kitchen and bathroom variants with anti-bacterial silver and MoulDefender for extra protection in bathrooms.

The improvements don’t stop there. Resene Zylone Sheen has also been reformulated with a bespoke binder designed for very low odour and high resistance to stains and an enhanced pigment and extender combination to provide a tougher, robust paint film with excellent washability.

These new formulation products are rolling out to Resene ColorShops and resellers.


Gloss, low sheen or something in between


Company: Resene

The way a paint colour looks can be affected by how much there is of the colour, what other colours are in the space, the lighting and of course the gloss or sheen level.

Colours tinted into high gloss paints appear cleaner and more intense than colours tinted into flat paints. Conversely colours appear muddied and darker in a flat finish than in a glossier finish. When you’re specifying colours it can be hard to envisage the effect of gloss on the colour choice.

To make it easier for you to demonstrate this to your clients, Resene has created The Specifier – Gloss levels fandeck. This handy fandeck shows a selection of popular Resene colours in gloss, semi-gloss, satin, low sheen and flat so you can see at a glance the effect gloss level has on a colour. It also includes handy gloss clear and gloss flat indicators that you can place over the colours you are planning to use to see how they may be affected by a change in gloss level.

The Resene The Specifier – Gloss levels fandeck is available free to Resene specifiers and professional decorators from Resene representatives or alternatively request a free copy by emailing us at update@resene.co.nz with your business name and postal address. Copies are also available for viewing at Resene ColorShops.