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Homeowners add value to property through a reclad using a range of James Hardie claddings


Company: James Hardie

Project Overview

The owners of this two-storey, five bedroom lifestyle property in Pinehill, a suburb of rapidly growing Albany on the North Shore of Auckland, wanted to lift the value of their home through a reclad. Built in the early 2000s, the property was in need of a makeover and updated look.

The Solution

Using a range of James Hardie claddings, including Stria Cladding, Linea Weatherboard, and Axon Panel, the owners have achieved a long-term robust solution that is modern and well-suited to the home’s seaside location. The Axon Panel is painted in brown, contrasting beautifully with the duck egg Linea Weatherboard and crispy butter white Stria Cladding, to create a cape-cod style feature wall.

Owner, Jenny Lim, says the selection of cladding products was not based on aesthetics alone. It was a practical choice, too. “The products are easy to work with and practically maintenance-free, providing peace of mind performance.”

James Hardie claddings are all manufactured from fibre cement and are resistant to fire, damage from moisture, and when installed as directed, resistant to rotting and warping – ideal for New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions.

“My husband and I are aware of the benefits of James Hardie cladding through our building company, Namu Construction. We use James Hardie products on all our home recladding projects, so it was a natural choice for our own home, too.”

The reclad took two months to complete and Lim says it has added approximately $500K to the value of the property.

Featured Products

Project Details

  • Location: Pinehill, Albany, Auckland
  • Size: 330 sq m
  • Project Type: Residential re-clad
  • Builder: Namu Construction

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PATAKA Art + Museum Reclad with James Hardie Stria® Cladding and CLD® Structural Cavity Batten


Company: James Hardie

Project Overview

North of Wellington, PATAKA Art + Museum is a leading regional centre for art and culture and is the cultural heart of Porirua City. Owned by Porirua City Council, the Museum opened in 1998 in a building named Te Marae o Te Umu Kai o Hau. Poor installation of the existing cladding has caused weathertightness issues and two-thirds of the building’s exterior needed to be reclad. The remaining third of the building comprises aluminium joinery and external louvres configured into a basket weave pattern, which screen north facing windows.

The Solution

James Hardie Stria Cladding on a CLD Cavity system was specified by local designer and project architect, Rory Hocking of Ergozign Design Ltd. The products were supplied and installed by Nick Jenness of LNA Cladding Services Ltd, a Recognised James Hardie Installer.

“Stria Cladding was an apt choice for this reclad project. It provides crisp, clean lines, which contrast nicely with the external louvres and also match the contemporary feel of this much- loved community facility,” says Jenness.

LNA’s core business is installing cladding solutions to both residential and commercial buildings, so Jenness is well aware of the benefits of James Hardie cladding products.

“Stria Cladding is easy to install and the wide panel format allows you to cover the wall height quickly,” explains Jenness.

The reclad was completed quickly in less than 140 working hours, despite the challenge of working on the second storey and off the existing roof. Cranes lifted the sheets onto the roof, and from there, the sheets were fixed to CLD® Structural Cavity Battens.

CLD Structural Cavity Battens are an alternative to traditional timber battens used with the installation of Stria and other cladding products. Due to its composition and stability, the batten acts as a structural element when fixed to the framing to deliver enhanced durability.

“Stria on a CLD Cavity system was a practical solution for this reclad project, and provides both a beautiful and durable outcome for the Council and the local community.

While Stria Cladding is well-suited to commercial applications such as this, I would definitely consider using it in my own home for a high impact modern look,” concludes Jenness.

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