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Armstrong Safeguard safety vinyl flooring range

AU_AFP_Safeguard_ Kitchen

Company: Floorspace

Floorspace is excited to re-launch the new improved Armstrong Safeguard safety vinyl flooring range; the total facility solution for more industrial/high traffic areas, with high levels of contamination such as oil, fat & grease e.g. Commercial Kitchens, Butchers, Bakeries. Now available ex-stock Auckland in:
  • R10 – e.g. Education facilities – machine rooms for wood working, building entries (wet), kitchens in guest houses.
  • R11 – e.g. Hotel & restaurant kitchens up to 100 meals a day
  • R12 – e.g. Hotel & restaurant kitchens over 100 meals a day
For more information please contact your nearest Floorspace consultant or on 0800SPACE1 or at info@floorspace.co.nz

SAFEGUARD R10, R11, R12 Slip Resistant Vinyl sheet flooring

AU_AFP_Safeguard_ Kitchen

Company: Floorspace

Safeguard slip resistant vinyl sheet flooring ranges offer durable, cost effective safety floors for most demanding environments.

  • Long Term Slip Resistance – embossed texture combined with silicon carbide in the surface and aluminium oxide and quartz throughout the homogeneous wear layer.
  • High quality PVC wear layer – excellent dent and gouge resistance.
  • Applications – hospitality, kitchens, food preparation, laundries, healthcare, education, retail and light industrial.




Meets or exceeds slip resistance properties recommended by Australian Standards.

  • AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials
  • HB197:1999 An introductory guide to the slip resistance of pedestrian surface materials
  • R11 and R12 ranges are suitable for commercial kitchens.