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Eldorado Stone


Company: Hard as Rocks

Hard as Rocks Ltd is proud to be New Zealands exclusive supplier of Eldorado Stone the most realistic architectural man made stone available on the market today.

Whether it be a Rustic Chimney, a contemporary feature wall, a grand English manor or even the entry pillars of your gateway, Hard as Rocks can provide a product to give you the look and feel of real stone without the weight and cost associated with the real thing.

Hard as Rocks has nationwide franchised distributors and maintains building code compliance and quality control by only using its own licensed applicators who are trained in not only waterproofing and stone application but also in detailing and the little extras that hold true to eye to guarantee a professional finish.

Hard as Rocks is the only BRANZ appraised Installation system for man made stone veneer in New Zealand using a system over timber framing using 20mm cavity battens and BGC Fibre cement board. It is also its lightweight characteristic that allows Eldorado stone to be laid without footings or expensive steel lintels. This is a very simple way for architects and home owners to get the look of stone without the associated costs and also allows the architectural versatility of using veneer in unique ways, inside and outside, above rooflines, around fireplaces and pillars, up curved stair wells and even upside down. Eldorado stone can also be applied over concrete blocks or some brick installations and in some instances can also be applied over some existing claddings for a renovation or feature wall addition.

Eldorado Stone has been around since 1969 and is the World biggest selling stone veneer. Architects and home owners world wide specify Eldorado Stone with confidence as the product has truly stood the test of time.

For more information: 0800ELDORADO (353 672), info@hardasrocks.co.nz, www.hardasrocks.co.nz



The Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System


Company: Craftstone NZ Ltd

Craftstone NZ Ltd is a well established and market leading supplier of schist veneer stone and associated products which are available NZ wide.

The Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is fully BRANZ Appraised and is Building Code Compliant, meeting all Weather-tightness and Seismic requirements.

In fact the Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is the only reinforced stone veneer system in New Zealand today, a real comfort considering the impact of the Canterbury earthquakes on brick & masonry systems. Craftstone is the only real stone veneer Approved by Wellington Council & is also Pre-Approved by the Auckland Council.

No fake stone comes close to the real thing in either looks or durability. Our stone is real and does not need to be UV tested. Craftstone. Real Stone. Real Simple!

In addition the Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is classified as a medium weight cladding under the NZ Building Code. This is the same weight as fake stone veneers. And better still, Craftstone Real Stone Veneer is price competitive with these fake products. So really, why settle for less?

What does all this mean for you. Simple. Specify Craftstone Real Stone Veneer as your stone of choice on all plans and projects, and have the confidence that you are specifying the best, and safest, stone system available!