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Fastwrap Wall Underlay ideal for renovations


Company: Paul Industries

Fastwrap Wall Underlay ticked all the boxes as an easy-to-use and dependable weather-proofing solution in this Waimauku renovation by Logan Architects.

“With renovation projects we try to retain as much existing formwork as we can as this makes sense from both a budget and sustainability perspective” commented Logan Reilly, Director of Logan Architects. “However this does sometimes bring challenges when it comes to the build so we look for products like Fastwrap Wall that are easy for the builder to work with and deliver labour savings.”

The original home was a typical 1970s fibre-light structure, with small spaces and an added wing that was out of proportion with rest of the house. The owners wanted to improve its flow and usability to suit their blended family while achieving an exterior form that sat more comfortably on the lifestyle block location. Outdoor living was important and the new swimming pool was to be a key feature.

The improvements also needed to make the home more marketable so they could be confident of a good return should they decide to sell.

The team from Logan Architects opened-up the interior, removing walls to create larger spaces and a natural flow to two distinct outdoor living areas. Outside, an entry canopy was added, creating a visual transition between the two wings and helping to integrate the disparate roof lines. The team also replaced the old fibre-light cladding with cedar weatherboard, achieving a look more in keeping with the rural setting.

“When we removed the cladding, the original building paper was damaged so we opted for Fastwrap Wall because we knew it would deliver the long-term weather-proofing we were after, even in Waimauku’s rural high wind zone” said Reilly. “The Fastwrap synthetic wraps are great – longer lasting, fire-retardant and easier to work with which is important in a renovation.”

The results of the renovation speak for themselves in a stylish and welcoming home that easily accommodates the demands of a large and busy family.

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Flame-Retardant Fastwrap Whitecap for Roofs and Walls


Company: Paul Industries

Ideal for use on both walls and roofs, and now with a flammability index of 1, Fastwrap Whitecap has successfully transitioned from shed-builders’ favourite to become a core product on any building site. Add that it has the highest absorbency rating on the market and can be direct fixed to steel framing and Fastwrap Whitecap is set to become a key player in the market.

“It’s perfectly positioned to become the ‘go to’ synthetic underlay” enthused Ben Lloyd, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Paul Industries. “It can be used in residential and commercial settings, ticks all the boxes as both wall and roof underlay, is flame-retardant and can be used in Extra High wind zones. Plus it’s surprisingly affordable”.

Fastwrap Whitecap has long been used by shed builders who appreciate that the crisp white colouring reflects ambient light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. With its new flame-retardant properties, the scope of use has increased dramatically.

  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • Can be used on roofs and walls
  • Suitable for timber and steel framing
  • Flammability index of 1
  • Highest surface absorbency rating on the market (Fastwrap Whitecap 241g/m2, average industry product 150g/m2)
  • Strong light diffusion properties maximise ambient light
  • Strong and durable – does not tear when pierced
  • May be used unsupported up to 900mm centres

“The advantages of using one product for all applications are obvious” comments Lloyd. “It makes specifying much simpler, and there are definite savings in both time and money for the builder”.

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Fastwrap Wall for David Reid Eco Show Home


Company: Paul Industries

When Peter Davis of award winning architectural practise, AD Architecture needed a reliable wall underlay for an innovative Eco Show Home with a Homestar rating of 7, he knew he could count on Fastwrap Wall by Paul Industries.

“To achieve this level of energy efficiency we needed to pay strict attention to every detail” said Davis. Their approach has been to combine some of the latest energy efficient technologies with simply doing the basics really well, particularly when it comes to weather-proofing and heat retention. “Including Fastwrap Wall as part of the mix was an easy decision” commented Davis. “It’s our ‘go-to’ synthetic wall underlay for all projects as we know we can use it on any job, in any location and get a great result”.

The David Reid Eco Show Home is in Ferndale Estate, a high quality sustainable development in Waikanae on the Kapiti Coast. The developers have taken care to use the original contours of the land to provide privacy, shelter and natural flow and have put in place covenants that ensure all homes benefit from key sustainable design solutions.

The David Reid Show Home easily exceeds the energy-efficiency design requirements of Ferndale Estate, and Davis is enthusiastic about the project which demonstrates the benefits of using energy efficient technology and sustainable materials. “With only a small increase in capital cost, significant savings can be made through reduced energy costs over the entire life of the building, while also improving the health of the occupants” says Davis.

Sustainability features in the new home include:

  • Photovoltaic solar power
  • Fully insulated concrete slab
  • In slab heating
  • 140mm thick walls with extra insulation
  • Frame‐saver technology
  • LED lighting
  • Water efficient tapware and appliances

For more information on the David Reid Eco Show Home visit www.facebook.com/DRHWellington

For more on Paul Industries’ products call 0800 330-320 or visit www.paulindustries.co.nz


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